Monday, 6 February 2017

February 6th Well I am still alive..

Hey, I do not like driving in Winnipeg I had to drive the second day I got in the city I have been driving the last 18 hours and we have not died so that is a plus. I had to drive last night and I have been all day today and tonight and tomorrow. And the roads are bad and I am sliding all over and can't stop well. The mission believes in all season tires :( and I miss winter tires and 4 wheel drive). I am way out of practice for driving.... and I get put in driving in winter. We went street contacting and were able to get two prospective investigators.
Well I hope you know about the new missionary schedule. I get training on it tomorrow. I got a media referral this week which was exciting. As for the pictures Well Froster for weekly planning because there is a Mac's store right by our house. we live on Kimberly really close the church.
The lego hook is from the package Michaela sent me
That is about it for this week.
 love ya.

Sister Russell

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