Monday, 27 February 2017

February 27th I survived!!!!

I had to drive on Monday till Thursday this week and the car is still in one piece! I start driving permanently on Wednesday in the area but who knows what will happen at transfers....... The weather was warm and slushy so I bought rain boots and then on Wednesday it got cold again, it is like -10.

I hope you all had a great week and you got to share the gospel with someone! This week has been crazy and it has gone by so quickly! Hey! My teaching pool is getting bigger which is great! I Well I was on exchanges Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon with Sister Dungon so we were covering her ward and mine during that time . ... We played a tracting game with the Elders and we saw lots of miracles and so did the Elders. We all got new people to teach!!!!!! I hope all of you have a great
week and look for the miracles around you because I can promise you that they are there.
Love ya,
Sister Russell
it's snowing 
Sister Dungon and I on exchanges
 Stress coping mechanism
 Let us in, we have dog treats- we make a lot of friends this way 
Just a head in the snow 
The district mascot
A game at district meeting 

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