Monday, 27 March 2017

Hello! Happy Spring!
It is a beautiful day! Sister Kostiuk and I went on an hour walk it was so nice!  We also spent part of our P day playing with chickens.  This was an eventful week! After we did our emails last Monday we headed to Winnipeg for our zone meeting.  I had exchanges in my old area in Winnipeg. It was nice to know the area better than the sister I was on exchanges with.  I had zone conference on drawing on the powers of heaven! And got to do a lot of driving to Winnipeg and back! On our way back just past Steinbeck, I realized we wouldn’t have enough gas to make it so we went back to Steinbeck to fill up with gas.  After filling up with gas we knew we wouldn’t make it to our supper appointment so we decided to stop for something to eat.  I missed the first two fast food restaurants and ended up at a Dairy Queen.  When we were in the parking lot a man saw our name tags and said “Latter day Saints eh, I believe in the trinity myself”  I said so do we and we visited with him for a few minutes and were able to get his address so the Steinbeck Elders could go visit him.  I went to my first Relief Society activity ever! On Saturday we had an activity at the church before the general women’s broadcast.  We painted on rocks for our activity.  My exciting week ended with me giving a talk in church.... that was basically my week!  I hope you all will have a great week!
Sister Russell
p.s. Ask the missionaries about prince of peace
 Wally the Walleye in Baudette, Minnesota
Playing with chickens 
Painting rocks for Relief Society

Monday, 20 March 2017

March 20, 2017 – 4 walls who knew

Hello Everyone!
It has been an interesting week! Well like my title I didn't really go anywhere this week we stayed home for most of the week and you should be happy to know we have 4 walls at our house :)Sister Kostiuk was sick for most of it so we stayed home so she could rest but she is better now. We are going to be heading to Winnipeg today for zone conference so we have a 4 hour drive head of us. We went for a district meeting in Fort Frances.  That town is a 1 hour drive east from our house. It is 2.5 times bigger than Claresholm and it is 9 times bigger than Rainy River the biggest town in my area. We do get together with the Warroad sister every couple of weeks. We do a lot of service projects here for the members, we clean their houses and do dishes!
I was asked what the people who live around here do for employment.  Many are retired, some own resorts and others work on the resorts.  Well I hope you all will have a great week!
Sister Russell
p.s. Please feed your missionaries
Natures own seasoning- only available in the states 
My hair after being in a bun for two days 
Cooking for some members 

Monday, 13 March 2017

March 13, 2017 – Home on the range  

I am in Sleeman now!. I got a new companion Sister Kostiuk! She is from Cranbrook B.C. Sister Kostiuk does the driving. We drive a 2017 RAV 4!!!! Sister Kostiuk is the senior companion because she has been here since she came out she has been here for 4 1/2  months so I am older by a transfer on the mission but she has been in the area longer. She is 26 years old she was born in 91 like Chris.. She is great and we are getting along super well! Well we live in the middle of nowhere in a farm house!  We are far from city life. So I had to cross the border twice to get here. And we do our grocery shopping in Baudette Minnesota which is a 25 minute drive from here. . Our Church building is about 15-20 minutes away from our house 20ks. We live in an old farm house! We live on the farm by ourselves. We have a pony that we can see from our Kitchen window. We do have a dryer but we do our laundry at our land lords’ place.  It is weird how small the branch is. We don't even have a stake, it is a district. The Branch is is just small we get fed every night other than Saturdays.  Each family has us once a week! So I will be getting fed a lot more.  I got to do some tracting when I got here and we had to use our car because the houses are too far from each other. I had to say good bye again (I thought I would get used to saying goodbye but it is really hard). I did not like daylight savings when I was home and I definitely don't like it as a missionary!
I hope you will have a great week!

Sister Russell 

I've got way too much stuff
Our district went to the zoo on Monday 

Welcome to Ontario 

Monday, 6 March 2017

March 6, 2017- I’m going to serve on the reserves

So now I will have served in all the Provinces covered by our mission! I am going to the Bergland, Ontario area. I will be living in a place called Sleeman (it is not even a town) and I will be covering two first nation reserves. Berglund is on the East side of Lake of the Woods, just a few miles from the US border.  I have to go through the US to get there so I get to cross the border twice so it will be a lot of fun! I will be coming home with some CRAZY stories which is exciting! This week has gone by so quickly, it`s crazy! I hope you all will have a great miracles filled week because there are miracles all around us all we have to do is look!

Sister Russell

District lunch at some kind members home
A cake to celebrate my 6 month mark 

Before and after photos of my 6 month scarf burning

Two cute ways to share spiritual pictures 
Another side walk find