Monday, 8 May 2017

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May 8th, 2017  I found out my new rain coat isn’t water proof

So it started to rain more heavily yesterday evening and I thought my coat was rain proof... I guess it wasn't because my arms where wet. Well news with me I got a call from my mission president and he told us there would be a new sister from another mission coming into our mission and so we would not be in a tri-pan anymore which is really sad. So Sister Kostiuk and I are still together in our same ward but Sister Plowman was leaving lucky for us she is still in the same city so we will still see her lots. We got black boxes installed in our car so it talks to us if we are speeding, stop to quickly, not wearing our seat belt and at the end of every transfer we will get a grade on our driving! Doesn't that sound like fun! 
Something I have never done before that we did is we tracted an apartment building and we got a new investigator from doing that!! 
Well I hope you all will have a great week and remember that it is Mother's day on Sunday!
Sister Russelll
The Tri-pan enjoying the Easter Blizzards you told us to enjoy 

With Maxine 

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