Monday, 12 June 2017

June 12th, 2017 - Oh oh half way there, oh oh living on a prayer...

Well I think you are all wondering about the bed bug problem... Well let’s just say I have thought a lot about burning everything I own because they don't like heat and heat kills them... but I haven't yet.  So on Tuesday night we stayed at another apartment that hasn’t been used for a few months it is close to the church but it is not in our area but I haven't seen any bedbugs! We also bagged our whole apartment and sprayed it with rubbing alcohol. And we also dried everything for 30 minutes. We stayed there because our apartment got fumigated on Wednesday. We stayed at the other apartment Wednesday. Thursday we went back and everything looked good and they set up 7 traps. Friday morning when we got up I saw a bed bug and called the mission office. Well we are now living in the other apartment we stayed the 2 nights in till they find as a new apartment. We also called the fumigator that we used for the bedbugs  He told us it is normal to see them after and if we continue to see them after a week we need to call him and they will spray again. So before we went over we had to dry everything that we brought in for 30 minutes. We have gone to the laundry mat so much that the ladies working there know who we are really well.  Well anyway we still moved to the other apartment and I still spray myself with rubbing alcohol  before I leave. I still look I am still living out of garbage bags. but I haven't seen any which is really nice.
! I got to witness the Elders giving the sacrament to a lady that couldn’t come to church. It was nice to see and I could feel the spirit as strong in her room as in the church. It is amazing to know that the church is the same wherever you go and it has that spirit. When the Elders were preparing they asked us to sing a sacrament song and we sang “I stand all amazed”, I just love the song and the spirit it brings!

I hope you all will have a great week!

Sister Russell
Preparing the Bed bug potion 
With sister Dugan 

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  1. Hi Kenzie! Looking good on Russell Street! Hope all is well with you.
    Mike and Val Madsen