Monday, 19 June 2017

June 19th, 2017 – Happy Fathers Day

So there was so much this week.... I had zone conference this week. It was really great and super spiritual; you could feel the spirit so strong. So for every zone conference all the missionaries have to prepare a 5 minute talk on a topic that they give us.  My topic was "What think ye of Christ." Well I did not think I would have to give it because I gave mine last zone conference.... I was wrong.... I have really grown my testimony of the Savior. Well when I got up there the tears filled my eyes I couldn't even see my page. I started by reading I know that my Redeemer lives!... It was a very spiritual day! Well Sister Dungan and I did a lot of tracting and also street contacting his week. We also got to help out with Winnipeg Harvest.  On Tuesday we went around and delivered flyers and then on Saturday we went around and helped collect the food for the food bank.  That’s called Winnipeg Harvest.
So the bedbugs situation; we have not seen any since we moved. We are now living in a different apartment. I still have a lot of my stuff at the other apartment. Right now the plan is to stay away from that apartment.  Once we got told to leave we are trying to not go back until we have to move all of our stuff because if we are not there the bedbugs should leave because they have no one to feed off of.  So that was my week here in Winnipeg! 
I hope you have a great week! 
Sister Russell
Ether 12:4

Hope is the anchor of the soul

So true for this missionary 

Beautiful City 

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