Monday, 5 June 2017

June 5th, 2017- Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Hello everyone,
-Bedbugs lay 1-5 eggs a day
-Rubbing alcohol can be used as a repellent

Well it has been a long week. On Tuesday I broke my camera :( So I can’t do a video.)  I am only going to write the interesting stuff. Well on Wednesday I started the journey to Winnipeg.. I drove to Regina, we stayed the night in Regina. We got up at 5 and started the drive to Winnipeg. I think the TIWI (driving alert box) only got mad at me 4 times because of my speed during the two 2 days of driving. The other sister I took turns driving to Winnipeg.  There is nothing to see.  I will rephrase that. You can see for miles and still not see a thing. When we got to the church, I was assigned Sister Dungan as my companion. She is from the Philippines she was assigned to this ward the same time I got transferred to Winnipeg the first time so she has served here for 4 1/2 months.  I was on splits with her before. We got a new car it had 102 km on it when I got it! It is a Toyota RAV 4 2017 I think. Well as soon as we got to our apartment I vacuumed the floor I wouldn't say it was dirty... well anyway I vacuumed a black bug I didn't think much of it. Then in the morning (Friday) Sister Dungan found a Bedbug on my bed! And she as 2 areas with bites so we called and told the office. They said we needed to catch one or send pictures of the bites. So we went to the store and bought rubbing alcohol.. We vacuumed every corner of our apartment and sprayed it with rubbing alcohol. I do have to admit we got high off of it. We sent pictures of Sister Dungan’s bites and they are bedbug bites. But they did not call us till the evening. Well just after they called us I saw a bed bug run into our apartment from the door from the halls so I caught it. So this week of being in Winnipeg I have caught 3 bedbugs so far. I have washed all our clothes..... It has been very stressful!
I hope you are having a better week then me!


Sister Russell
The birthday girl 

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