Monday, 3 April 2017

​April 3rd, 2017 - I got a Sunburn in March

Well it is April weird how time goes by so quick! Well we had district meeting in Bergland on Tuesday. So we only had to drive 19ks to our church and the Elders came to us! During the meeting there was a white mouse that ran across the room and then the Elders of course had to have a closer look and the mouse ran into the kitchen. We cornered the mouse and one of the Elders caught it! Wow the Elders where screaming like little girls. The Elder who caught it did not want to kill it so they took the mouse with them so they could let it go in the wild ( how majestic).
Well we went tracting in Rainy River and we took the member who feeds us on Tuesday with us she was a big help! We only had one door slammed in our face which was a miracle in its self! I got sunburn as well it is beautiful here! You can tell it is spring! Well we did the tracting in Rainy and got a new investigator and we taught one person on the door step!! And a few potentials. It makes a difference when you go tracting with one of the locals. We also went visiting teaching with a few sisters in the branch! Conference was great! I loved all the talks I don't think I could pick one because they were all fantastic! Well today we drove to Rainy and parked our car and walked to Baudette! How many people can say that they have walked to another country!
Very exciting news for the Perry family.  I’m happy for them.
Well I hope you all have a great week and if you have not watched conference watch it!

Sister Russell

 District meeting with the Albino mouse
 I left my companion in the States and I came back to Canada
 Our house in Sleeman Ontario
My March Sunburn- notice where my bag strap was 

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