Monday, 2 January 2017

October 3rd, 2016 – I really don’t Remember


I made it another week! The weather this week was really good. Didn`t you just love General Conference! It was amazing!!! I just loved all the talks so much. If I had to choose one my favorite would be Russell M. Nelson`s on Joy. I am sharing the message of Joy of the gospel and what a blessing it is in my life. Just for being out for over a month I can see myself change and know how much love and joy is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this with all my heart. Even though some days are better than others I just got to keep remembering why I am doing this and who I am doing this for. I am so grateful for the support and the prayers. Know that I love you all!


Sister M. Russell

I almost forgot. This week I did a fast. Our whole mission came together and fasted and it has never happen for years to have this kind of fast. I know because of that fast the Lord will bless us even with more miracles. This is the Mission of Miracles. Our mission is the Canada Winnipeg MISSON
this week has been a lot better. General Conference was amazing. Do me a favor be a ward missionary. See if you if the missionaries need you to go to a lesson. Sister Smith is great she is funny, and she talks a lot there is never a dull moment. There are 6 sets of missions in Regina. So today we had a p-day activity so we played volleyball. And because Sister Smith`s year mark and my month mark was at the end of the week i made a brought skor bar cake and we had it after volleyball. The missionaries here are really nice. I emailed last week at the church and i am emailing today at the library. I am glad you are taking grandma to her eye appointment. Is there any new classes at the church? How is Oakley? How is

Sister Smith and I

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