Monday, 2 January 2017

September 8th, 2016

Well when (Wednesday) I got to the MTC the room I got was 2nd floor of 17M (main floor). Thursday all the sister missionaries got call to the gym for something important. Apparently there are bats in are building. I repeat bats. (Someone on the 3rd or 4th floor had a bat on her neck when she wake up). So the meeting was telling us that the sisters on the 3rd and forth floor were moving buildings. So I was like sweet more showers! So on Friday I finally started unpacking everything was great. Saturday morning we had class on stress management and dealing with stress and all that. Our sister training leaders came to our class and told us that we were moving building too. Good thing I had that stress management class right. What are the odds. I love my new room a lot more so that is a blessing and there are only 4 beds in it which is nice because it is all my sisters in my district. Sister Hilton(companion), Sister Gold, and Sister Jenkins. I just love them so much. Sister Hilton is going on the same mission as me and Sister Gold and Sister Jenkins are going to Boston. Out of my whole district (there are 12 of us) I am the only one is not an American so i get a lot of questions because half is going on my mission and the other half is going to Boston. I love those dear elder letters and the other letter. I have the record for the most letters (not including our dear Elders).

 I grateful the support and prayers and think you so much for them.

From this experience my testimony of my Savior has grown. 

I love you all so much!


Sister M. Russell

p.s. sorry for bad spelling and grammer this email account does not have spell check. 

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