Monday, 2 January 2017

September 15th, 2-016


Wow this week has gone by so quick. I have hear and been in the same room as three 12 apostles in 8 days. I heard from D. Todd Christofferson as many as you last Tuesday. Then on Sunday I hear from Russell M. Ballard (it is rare to hear from an apostle on a Sunday). I heard from Quentin L. Cook on Tuesday. It was amazing!!! I wrote notes but I don`t have my notebook with me and I don`t have the time. I have joined the MTC choir. Love it so much. We have choir every Sunday (except fast Sunday) and every Tuesday because those are the days we have the devotionals. So at Christofferson`s we sang Sweet hour of Pray look at the words of the song and the story about it, it is amazing. Our choir director is funny and he tells the background of the songs which makes us try to do our best. So on Sunday we just had practice we did not sing at Ballard but because I am in choir I get a good seat in the room with the Apostle. At Cooks we sang Nearer my god to thee. Again look at the story of that song. My companion and sings suprano and that song is really high... They tape our Devotionals to play at other MTC`s around the world, which is cool that I can see it live.

I fly to Winnipeg on the 21st. I leave Provo at 230 morning. I have a 30 minute layover in Minnesota. 

I Love you all!!!


Sister M. Russell

My MTC District

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